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PenCott™- Mission Critical Camouflage

PenCott™- Mission Critical Camouflage

When we came across the PenCott™ camouflage pattern, it was relatively new to the market, but we immediately decided to give it a try. After field testing the GreenZone™ pattern in the near Slovenian bushes, we were amazed about its camouflage properties and decided to make our new Striker range besides in SloCam, also in this amazing digital camouflage.

The creator of the PenCott™ camouflage pattern is the British- American based company Hyde Definition. It is the result of several years of independent scientific research and development. The PenCott™ camouflage pattern combines the best in analogue and digital camouflage design technology.

The strength of the camouflage lies in its ability to conceal the wearer on different ranges. The organic-looking, fractal geometry of the PenCott™ pattern is both multi-scalar and omni-directional – consequently, whether up close or far away it still has ‘pattern’ and the pattern still works whether the wearer is standing, kneeling or prone.

Due to its digital colour design, the camouflage gives the illusion of 3D and creates a visually confusing combination of blended and hard edges. This complex pattern geometry is harder for the human eye to process, and recognizable shapes such as human limbs, or the lines of pockets and seams, are more difficult to recognize and identify. This unique, hybrid combination of features means you will avoid detection more effectively.

Currently we offer our Striker BDU in GreenZone™ and Badlands™. Find out more about Badlands here.




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