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Your line of work demands you to face weather at its worst. Our job is to make sure
your gear steps up in bad weather conditions, offering you extreme reliability and
proven functionality. And that’s what the new Monsoon Rain Jackets are all about.


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Durable and comfortable weather protection starts with an excellent laminate. The laminates that we use for our Monsoon rain gear are specifically developed for professional end-users, where reliability and durability of waterproofness is of the utmost importance.


For instance the GORE-TEX® laminate used in the Monsoon XT Brown-Grey Jacket offers a water column up to 150 m*, without any water penetration, whereas the standard for textiles defines a 0.8 m water column as waterproof. The water column level is when a piece of clothing can be called waterproof.


* Measured at WIM Erding for the GORE-TEX® laminate used by the German ”Bundeswehr"









Ever stood for hours outside in the cold rain and felt that uncomfortable damp feeling on
your shoulders? In most cases your rain jacket didn't leak but what you experienced
was a so called “thermal bridge“ sensation. This happens when there is very little insulation
between your skin and the outside air, conducting the cold from the rain to your skin.


The air/pac® inserts offer, with their 8mm thick mesh, the necessary air barrier
and prevent the transfer of cold temperature. Due to their foamy nature the air/pac® inserts also
distribute the weight of heavy back packs or plate carriers. 
As they are extremely light weight
and anatomically shaped you won’t even notice them.

<p>Prevent thermal bridges</p>

Prevent thermal bridges

<p>Weight distribution</p>

Weight distribution

<p>Feather light</p>

Feather light


The hoods of the past limited your view, if not immediately then for sure when you turned
your neck by 90 degrees. You could strap them with elastic adjusters but after a while your
head was soaked from sweat and you couldn’t hear anything since the laminate was rubbing on your ears.


Meet the amazing Hood/Harness® system. All you have to do is to adjust it to your head size the first time you wear it.
After that it will flawlessly follow your neck movements, allowing you unhindered vision in extreme
weather conditions. Since you don’t need to strap the hood to your head,
the space between your head and the laminate is kept, so the air can circulate and
you can still hear everything.






<p>Turns with your head</p>

Turns with your head

<p>Enhanced listening</p>

Enhanced listening

<p>Sustained air flow</p>

Sustained air flow


It takes skill and experience to convert an excellent waterproof and breathable material
into an even better and reliable piece of rain gear. Over almost 20 years we have perfected
our seam sealing technologies, which ensure that every outside seam is permanently
sealed against water entry.

We learned through experience how to construct rain gear, so that water entry
through zippers and wicking around the edges is made almost impossible.


And in case your UF PRO® Monsoon gear should be damaged
and start to leak, we will help you to fix it.






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